Data Connector - Threat Intelligence Upload Indicators API (Preview)

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to connect MISP to the new data connector Threat Intelligence Upload Indicators API (Preview) due to data connector Threat Intelligence Platforms connector is being deprecated.

I already installed it from Content Hub and based on this documentation  there is a connect button to be select to enable the connector. However in my Sentinel view the "Connect" button is missing.

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate this new data connector to MISP or other Threat Intelligence Platform?

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I am also encountering the same issue for the "Threat Intelligence Upload Indicators API (Preview)" Data Connector. Can someone from Microsoft help with this?


Also, looking at the "Threat Intelligence Platforms - BEING DEPRECATED (Preview)" Data Connector, there was no mention of the specific retirement date. Can Microsoft please shed some light about this?


Thank you. 

There is no Connect button, but what is the actual status of connector? Are you seeing Data received chart showing any traffic?

BTW, for reference, I posted this couple of days ago so possibly there are issues with the connector, but would need someone from MS to dive in to it.

Thanks, data connector status is disconnected and no data yet showing from the chart.