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Hi I was looking to see if its possible to change the ingestion time of logs into sentinel or atleast have a view on the times that are set for logs to come in. 


An example is my AAD connector seems to be inconsistent.



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That may not be possible - there are at least Three Connector types.

I'll call these push, pull and custom.

Push - push logs send data to Sentinel (Office activity as an example) it will send data when its ready e.g. it will cache data then send at a time is decides. So you cant get this data every "n" minutes.

Pull (or polling) - these vendor sources will look for the data at pre-determined intervals, again these are set by the connector and AFAIK not tuneable.

Custom - Data Sources you ingest you can probably schedule. e.g. a Logic App that runs every 5mins to get data from a REST Api.