Custom data in log analytics workspace

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I have uploaded some data to custom table in log analytics workspace through CSV file, I can see table name appeared in logs query with default fields however I dont see any data there. Am I doing anything wrong here? 


"tablename | summarize count()" gives me 0 results. 



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Is this from a Watchlist or a custom log (a file on a server with the Agent)? In either case it maybe a timing issue, especially as you have the table and columns. Data should be there in 2-5mins or so, maybe longer in some cases
its a custom log uploaded via CSV file. I have uploaded this data around 4 hours ago. Initially I thought it may take some time but I am still see there is no data in custom table in my log analytic workspace.



So that's above the expected 1hr  are you getting Heartbeat events from the machine that has the custom log?   


Also depending on your use case, Watchlists maybe an alternative for .csv files.

@pateriaak Hi! I have the same problem now 

How did you manage to solve the problem?