Creating bookmarks broken?

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I was following this page to create a new bookmark but when  I get to the section that states to click on the checkbox to the left of the result row in Logs there is no checkbox there.  I also do not see the Add Bookmark button but it may be I need to select a row first

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@Gary Bushey 


You do need a Hunting Query to have results (rows returned); you can then click on the check box to access the Add Bookmark button.



@CliveWatson That is exactly what I did but I still do not see any checkboxes.  I've tried this in a couple of different tenants with different browsers and the checkboxes never show upNoCheckbox.png


This image better shows that I am coming from Threat Hunting (look at the breadcrumbs).  I am running the "SharePointFileOperation vai previously unseen IPs" query but there are no checkboxes available. 



I did find that if I expand a row there is a Add Hunting bookmark button that will open a new blade that gives you a lot of options.  Is this a new UI design?  I would be great to add multiple rows at one time rather than just one at a time.


@Clive Watson  Any updates on what may be causing this?  Was going to double check this again but Azure is saying my Sentinel workspace no longer exists.

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This seems to have been resolved as of this morning.  When I went into a Threat query results I noticed the checkboxes were showing up again. :)