Create a Sentinel Incident based on an Email being received

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Hi All,


I'm trying to create a logic app which will generate a Sentinel incident after an email is received with a specific subject line or body content. It doesn't look like there's a straight forward way of doing this as there's no action for Sentinel to create an incident.


Any thoughts on how this could be achieved?


Thanks in advance.

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@Sam_SOC Where is the email being recorded/stored that you are capturing the text reference?

@Sam_SOC One way would be to use the REST API (still in preview) to create the Incident.  You can go here to see some examples:


Keep in mind that the Machine Learning features of Azure Sentinel look at Alerts rather than Incidents so you may be better off creating a Logic App that can create an entry in a custom log (there is a Logic App Send Data action) based on the Email and then have an Analytic Rule create an Alert/Incident based on that custom log.

@rodtrentHi Rod, it'll be from an O365 mailbox