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How can we tell what is changed when a solution is updated? e.g. the M365 Defender solution is showing v2.0.0 and I can't tell what version my client installed, nor can I tell what analytic rules are included so that I can assess the potential impact if I upgrade. Is there some documentation somewhere that I am missing?
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@Dean Gross 


Workspace Usage, can help 


I should extract the version in the next release, into its own column as well as the Kind (which are both in the Properties column).


So, I know the above 3 rows when I click on PROPERTIES, are the Solution (oldest) then an Analytic then a Playbook (latest update)

Hello I am sorry but I don't understand your reply. I have a list of solutions for which update is available but I do not see patch notes anywhere.


The version and last update info is available but isn't fully extracted in the "Workspace Usage" Workbook.

There are no patch notes, unless its in pull requests comments shown in Github, but its normally a one line description and not actually very descriptive



Azure-Sentinel/Solutions/Microsoft 365 Defender/Analytic Rules at master · Azure/Azure-Sentinel (git...

Oh thanks! I can at least check if something has changed.

Content Hub is still in preview maybe we will get all this info in future