Connector for on-premises windows to azure sentinel

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In our on-premises environment, we set up a windows with wiki syslog to collect the logs from servers, switches, firewalls, …

How can I upload the logs from on-premises to azure sentinel ?

I see that azure sentinel only supports installing agent on only Linux (which is syslog or cef connectors).

Thank you very much for your help.

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Azure Sentinel has CEF and Syslog Data connectors, Sentinel uses Log Analytics which has both an agent for Linux (Syslog v1) and Windows.  Go to the "workspace settings" menu in Sentinel, then "advanced settings" and add the agent for Windows. 


Thank you very much for your help.

It works for me.


I have installed the MMA on my host and I can see the connection is Up and Successful. But I don't observe any log anayltics on my Sentinel Workspace.


Are there any additional configurations to be set up?


(Attached is the screenshot from MMA)MMA.GIF 



Is this Windows or Linux?  Troubleshooting steps for both are here:  


How long have you waited, some times depending on data type it can take a while?  Are you using a OMS Gateway or direct connected to Log Analytics to the agent?



It is on a Windows Host, I installed the MMA (64-bit) as Add Connector for my Sentinel Workspace and it is been more than 12 hours of my configuration. But I can only receive HeartBeat events from this connector. 

@Clive Watson


I tried going through link, but nothing helped. 


Is there anything that I am missing.



If you have Heartbeat data then the MMA is working, what other data were you expecting?


Go to Log Analytics and Run Query


Have you added other data to be collected in 'advanced settings' - Data  e.g.






Thanks, this works now..