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Connecting DNS Analytics - Azure Sentinel

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We have connected DNS logs from our DCs to Sentinel and are receiving DNS events. However the requested domain names and any of the analytical data is not visible in any dashboards/workbooks. Our Admin has enabled diagnostic logging with analytics enabled and yet we can't see detailed information in Sentinel ... I saw in another forum where someone had suggested to go and tweak the solution configurations which had worked for a few. We don't seem to have access to this feature either with GA or the security admin privs... so couldn't attempt this fix...


Has anyone experienced this and how did you get around to start populating the "domains queried" and "DNS Clients" widgets.


We seem to be only reeving the following event subtypes .. queryLookup and other event types are not flowing in





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To access the configuration - from within Sentinel, select "workspace setting" - Solutions - DNSAnalytics - View Summary (then wait for tile to load) -  Click the left tile, and you should see "configure

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@CliveWatsondid exactly that, before posting this question, and the options on the configuration screen are greyed out



You (or someone with) will need Log Analytics Contributer access to look at that.

@CliveWatson LOL … I had access all along … the greyed out buttons do work … I can't see any content I add but the save button became alive when I applied the default list and added one custom domain and chatty client threshold ...


However, I can't see what is in these boxes … weird


Thanks for your input and guidance



I have the same problem, i install both 2012 and 2019 but just incoming dynamic update or etc. Doesnt any client & domain(malicious or normal) information receive.

@ImpLosioN we were able to receive analytics logs once the dnsanalytics configuration was tweaked in Sentinel.



Glad its working, this procedure you just did was added to the docs:



Hi Clive, 


I am having similar issues as described above. Could you provide some more information on what tweaking the settings actually looks like.


Kind regards