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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Connect to Azure Active Directory




I'm trying to connect Azure Sentinel to Azure Active Directory , however the process doesn't seem to end and it doesn't connect. 






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Same issue here.. its just stuck at Connecting Azure Active Directory (been going for 19 hours).  I have Azure AD Premium P2 licenses and have Global Admin

Had same issue and I think you first need to enable integrate Azure AD Logs with Log Analytics - ( ). After doing that it it successfully connected. HTH
Hi Uri

Do you Need to configure the same log analytics workspace for both Solutions?


+1 here!

That resolved it for me. Thanks!!

HI I have enabled azure monitor logs, since I saved the settings the status is as following since a couple of hours. 



Updating diagnostics for '/providers/microsoft.aadiam'.

Hi Alex,

Not sure if this is mandatory, I've used the same workspace for both, haven't tested yet with a different one.



Had the same issue. In my tenant, connecting Azure AD to Sentinel would not work. The process hung, just like Alex'. Going through the manual steps ( worked.


The funny thing is that other tenants (like a customer where I enabled the preview), did not have this issue.


Having some sort of log regarding this would be helpful to troubleshoot. Right now, the information is rather limited.

@Michael Van Horenbeeck& all, 


I solved the issue yesterday, seemded to be a permission issue, while I had full rights on the workspace, I did not have that on the Azure Tenant itself, hence once my colleague logged in with Azure Tenant owner rights , the activation worked nicely.