Codeless connector JWT token authentication

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Hello Sentinel community, 

I am working on a codeless connector and I am facing some challenges, which I cannot seem to find well written documentation for so I would appreciate any help with advice or pointers to documentation in case I've missed any.

  • Issue 1 - I am looking to reuse existing connectors and none of the options I have reused so far enable the fields in the Configuration  part of the connector. There simply nothing showing where a user can provide input when reusing Jira or this Prisma template. I need to take API URL, username and password as input.



  • Issue 2 - The API I use works with JWT token. There is one initial request to authenticate with username and password provided in the request body. The response contains the token, which is used in the header of the API data calls. First I need to use the  user input as placeholder inside the auth section of the PollingConfig section and the documentation suggest placeholders can be used only in the request section. Than I need to somehow parse the token and use it in the request header. Is that somehow already taken care of by the existing poll options because it is not evident from the documentations?

If more details are required about the configuration I am happy to share.

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