CEF Log forwarding stopped after disk was full

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Hi there,


So the disk got full on my log forwarder server and log forwarding stopped... I expanded the disk and now it has enough space:



However, I cannot see any new events in CommonSecurityLog table since then. I went ahead and reinstalled the OMS agent, but it still doesn't work. There are no heartbeat events either so I guess the problem will be with the OMS agent. The funny thing is that Syslog messages are arriving to Sentinel... When I run the troubleshooter everything is fine except:

Validating the CEF\ASA logs are received and are in the correct format when received by syslog daemon
sudo tac /var/log/syslog
Located 0
CEF\ASA messages


But if I run tac /var/log/messages |grep CEF I can see the CEF messages.


I ran netstat/tcpdump and messages are do hitting port 25226.



Any help would be appreciated.





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Update: I reinstalled OMS again, rebooted the box and now it's working.
Hi @szkoszegi666
Could you by any chance share the actual commands used to reinstall the OMS??

Kenneth ML