Cannot install any dashboards

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Hi guys,


I am getting started with Azure Sentinel and have configured all my data sources and see information coming in.


However, when I try to install any of the related dashboards I get the error "Failed to install dashboard. Internal error during installation of the dashboard. Please try again later".


Any ideas?





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hi Andre, 

can you pls share the workspace id?


also - which dashboard do you try to install?




The log analytics workspace ID is 32335b41-c510-4897-91c7-d4177d8ff5e9

I've tried to install ALL of them :)

Specifically: Azure Activity, AAD Audit Logs, AAD Sing-in logs, Identity & Access, Office 365...

The required data types for all of them show a green check and for each I did check that the data sources have been configured and are working.

I am using PIM but elevate to both Global Admin and Azure subscription Owner before using Sentinel. 

The environment is CSP licensed. I've tried excluding traffic from MCAS but to no avail (I've had numerous problems in Log Analytics when MCAS proxied so this is the first thing I thought of).




I have deployed a Sentinel workspace this morning and I am getting the same problem.  All dashboards I try and add give the same error, I am using a regular global admin user.



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Please go to the subscription resource of the workspace -> select ResourceProviders tab -> search for 'Microsoft.Portal' -> Make sure it is Register. If not, try unregister and register.





Please go to the subscription resource of the workspace -> select ResourceProviders tab -> search for 'Microsoft.Portal' -> Make sure it is Register. If not, try unregister and register again.

Thanks, you're a star, problem solved :)
For some reason it was not registered at all. Seems to be CSP related. I tested in my MSDN subs and it happened automatically. I tested again in another CSP subs and same problem, provider not registered.

Hitting the same issue. I can see the Microsoft.Portal resource provider is registered OK.

I'm trying to unregister it however the process is unresponsive. The unregister hyperlink links to ""  Any pointers on what I can do to unregister/re-register the provider?


Resolved. Checked AAD logs and error is due to using an unsupported region.

Good to hear. Do you mean the app registration fail due to an unsupported region?
Or rather, the resource provider?

Resource provider I think. In short - when I created my workspace, the first option presented defaulted to the Australia Central datacentre. In my excited, click-anything-frenzied state (I've been looking forward to getting cracking with Sentinel!) I went with default. Unfortunately that datacentre is not currently supported for the dashboard. I was able to connect data sources and receive event data, but the dashboards failed.

Excerpts from Azure Activity Log follow:-




"error":{"code":"LocationNotAvailableForResourceType","message":"The provided location 'australiacentral' is not available for resource type 'Microsoft.Portal/dashboards'. List of available regions for the resource type is 'centralus,eastasia,southeastasia,eastus,eastus2,westus,westus2,northcentralus,southcentralus,westcentralus,northeurope,westeurope,japaneast,japanwest,brazilsouth,australiasoutheast,australiaeast,westindia,southindia,centralindia,canadacentral,canadaeast,uksouth,ukwest'."}


All working beautifully now that the workspace is now in the South East Australia data centre.

Back to my clicking frenzy....  it's waaay too easy to connect up data sources. :)



Haha, yes, I can identify :) I'm working on a customer project where a SIEM-like dashboard/solution is a requirement and I was hoping very much that Sentinel will arrive on time. I also just started enabling all data sources and dashboards in a wild clicking frenzy ;)

Hi guys,


I see you figure out the supported regions, we just added a better experience to make it easy to understand which regions are supported, we will add more and more over time. let us know pls if there is any specific region missing that is blocking.


Also, pls reach out if you have concrete feedbacks and we can engage you with relevant PM.