Cannot add Taxii Connector to my workspace

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Tryring to add the Taxii connector to my Workspace.

Here is what I did:

-> Portal

-> Sentinel

-> Select my workspace

-> Select Data Connectors

-> Select the "Thread Intelligence - Taxii (Preview)"

-> Check prerequisite (need r/w permissions to the workspace)

-> Enter the Name, API root URL etc (see screenshot)

-> Click Add
You can verify (screenshot) that this connector is not yet connected (red circle upper left).
There is no connector at all connected (lower red circle).
However, after clicking "add", I get this error message

Failed to add TAXII connector
TAXII connector already exists with the same API root URL and Collection ID or inputs are not valid.
(Upper right circle in the screenshot).

Did I miss or forgot something ?

Any hint is appreciated.
Thanks, Stefan


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The image posted is not very clear but double check your entries. Make sure there are no spaces or characters other than - in the name.
URL and collection info should be as below. Also try setting the collection to once a day and see if that changes anything.
Hi Jbub, thanks for the hint. It seems that the name or URL contained a strange character. I copied and pasted the link you provided and that worked. MANY THANKS
It appears that the feed no longer exists as shown in this link.
Would you happen to know of another URL and collection ID I can use to add Taxii Connector to my workspace.
Thank you