Can we pull change in TEAMS configuration data through TEAMS connector?

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Does anyone know if we can pull the TEAMS configuration change data via the O365 data connector?  I queried the "OfficeActivity" table and it didn't fetch me the details pertaining to the configuration changes made through the TEAMS app. The change I did was, allowed external users as mentioned here

Is there any other table apart from "OfficeActivity" that I should be querying to fetch this configuration change? I read the document on what all data is collected for TEAMS audit logs and didn't see any reference to configuration changes details.  I understand that the TEAMS backbone is SharePoint, so shall I be tracking the configuration change via SharePoint audit logs, again sorry if this question needs to be raised through the Office365 community. Appreciate any pointers or response.




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@chinmoyJ As of right now, what you see is what you get.  I know there are plans to expand the information coming through the connector however I have no insights into what that data would be. 


There was an older blog post, listed below, about getting information from Teams without using a connector and it may be of use to you.