Can't add playbook to incident automation of an analytics rule.

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whenever I add a playbook to the incident automation of an analytics rule i get this message after saving it:



The playbooks won't be added to the rule. Other actions like changing the status or assigning an owner are possible.

Does anyone know what the problem may be?


Thank you!



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I don't see where you would be able to add a playbook directly to an automation rule. In the "Automated response" tab you either add a rule to the "Alert automation" section or add an automation rule to the "Incident automation" section. I can also see where you can change the status but not assign an owner (that is only done once an Incident is created).

Can you provide some screenshots?

@Gary Bushey 


Sure, here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to add.

And yes, I want to add it in the incident automation section.




It's also listed on the Review and update screen


But when I save the rule, I get the message from the OP, that it's only partially saved and the automation rule is gone.

It sounds like you would need to open a ticket with Microsoft to get this resolved. In the meantime, can you create the same rule by going through Automation?

@Gary Bushey I tried to add the playbook directly in the incident overview, like:



After saving, I got an actual error message:


Which is discussed here: