Block user in Onprem NVA

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I am looking for a playbook which block the user identity in on-premises Network Virtual Appliance

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@Reddy585 Without knowing what NVA you are using it would be very difficult to point you in the correct direction.   With that being said, take a look at the listing of playbooks in the Azure Sentinel GitHub repository

@Gary BusheyCan we block user in onprem Active Directory/ onprem Firewall using Playbook?

@Reddy585 I know you can block a user via PowerShell and you can run a PowerShell script via a Playbook but I am not sure if you can use that PowerShell command in a Playbook.  Other than that I do not know if it is possible.

Thank you.
I would recommend triggering an Automation Runbook from your Playbook, which uses a Hybrid Worker. This can interact with on-prem servers:
Thank you I let you know the result once I have done my testing