Azure Sentinel Webinars | Additional webinars for the Public Community!


We have included additional webinars for our Azure Sentinel users to the 2020 mid-summer series. To register for the free webinars visit


Jul 28 | Azure Sentinel KQL hands-on lab exercises

Presenter: Ofer Shezaf

Liked the webinar “Learn the KQL you need for Azure Sentinel”? We left you with some homework there. In this webinar, we will revisit the lab exercises and solve them together. So, do your homework and come prepared. It will be fun!


Aug 12 | Threat hunting and reduce dwell times with Azure Sentinel
Presenter: Julian Gonzalez & Cristhofer Romeo Muñoz
Learn how to leverage Azure Sentinel features such as built-in hunting features such as hunting queries, live-stream, bookmarks, and notebooks for threat hunting. 

See how Azure Sentinel enables several ways for you to quickly bring in any sort of data and link activity across devices and services, allowing you to correlate events to figure out where threats are coming from, go in and remediate them.


Aug 19 | Threat intelligence automation with RiskIQ

Presenter: Jason Wescott

Public community announcement on the availability of the RiskIQ Intelligence Connector for Azure Sentinel which allows you to tap into petabytes of external threat intelligence from RiskIQ's Internet Intelligence Graph. Incidents can be enriched automatically using Azure Sentinel Playbooks, saving time and resources for your security responders. This webinar will walk you through the setup, configuration, and show you how the rich context from the new RiskIQ Intelligence Connector playbooks is surfaced in Azure Sentinel security incidents.


Sep 2 | Log Forwarder deep dive: Filtering CEF and Syslog events
Presenter: Ofer Shezaf

The Log Forwarder is Azure Sentinel’s prime conduit for collecting Syslog and CEF events, the ubiquitous channel for security and networking telemetry.

In this webinar, we will learn more about the Log Forwarded, drill into its internals, learn to troubleshoot, and discover a few tips and tricks, such as filtering events before they are sent to Azure Sentinel.


Sep 9 | Optimizing Azure Sentinel KQL queries performance
Presenter: Ofer Shezaf

Azure Sentinel query language is fast. But you can make it faster. Want to make your workbooks faster? Your hunting experience snappier?

Ensure no time outs in your alert rules? In this webinar, we will go over a few simple rules-of-thumb and tips to accelerate your KQL queries. We will also learn how to test your queries' performance and see the impact of those changes.

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