Azure Sentinel integration with AWS, GCP & Alibaba Cloud Providers

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Does Sentinel has roadmap to perform security event monitoring and management across multi-cloud environments that includes AWS, GCP & Alibaba Security logs

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We currently support collecting AWS cloud train and look to exapand into additoinal AWS workloads as well as other clouds. Which specific event streams would you like to see from each one of the cloud sources?


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As customers adopting multi-cloud strategy - Would like to see below components to feed into Azure Sentinel 

  • AWS Cloud Trail, AWS Security Hub, AWS Guard Duty
  • Google Cloud Audit Logs
An update on this one would be nice, specially regarding connector for GCP Cloud Audit logs to Sentinel.

@Philip Torner 


There are 3 Google solutions now, please join the Private Preview for more on other connectors.  To sign-up: