Azure Sentinel Dashboards and Power BI


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What's the easiest way to publish Sentinel dashboards to Power BI? I have a customer who has a rule that you can't get into the Azure Portal, even as a reader, without a separate account. However they would like to be able to publish certain Azure dashboards including those in Sentinel in Power BI so that execs could view them without requiring direct Azure Portal access.


I've been able to do some stuff by querying the Log Analytics workspace directly but I've not been able to exactly mirror the dashboards... Is this even possible?   

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@PeterJ_Inobits can you provide some examples of what you have not been able to reproduce and how you get the data into PowerBI? 


I have taken KQL queries and posted them into the Logs section of Sentinel and then use the export command to bring the information into PowerBI.  Is that how you are getting the information?