Azure Sentinel API release to GA!


API was one the main ask from our customers and MSSPs, and automating their scenarios in Azure Sentinel. We have gathered feedback from our customers to improve our APIs before releasing them to GA, and now we are happy to share that our APIs are released to General Availability. This is our first step for our APIs as we still need to invest in documenting and adding real-life samples to our customers. Here is a blog covering APIs 101.

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I know it would be technically difficult and time consuming to implement but it would have been nice to have something like drag and drop and flow builder so we drag and drop and like flowchart create rules too. Something similar to Microsoft Power Automate for Azure Sentinel.

Logic App - is the same engine as Power Automate, but looks at Azure and 3rd party connectors. Open it and take a look, it looks very similar but has other connectivity options.

Thank you @CliveWatson for sharing about Logic App.

May be this should be integrate directory to Azure Sentinel too.



Logic App is integrated in the Azure Sentinel User Interface - its the Playbooks blade.Annotation 2020-07-10 190735.jpg

Thank you@CliveWatson for sharing.

This is great.