automation and stats

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hi team - wanting to figure out a way of seeinf how the use of automation has improved the quality of information going into the SOC. by looking at what we have coming in with the increase and the number of items that automation plays a part in. any thoughts. ?
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For stats, the Security Operations Efficiency (workbook, built-in to the Incidents blade) has MMTR and MMTC figures plus much more. The Playbooks Health workbook is also useful, to see how Playbooks are performing. I'm not sure about the 'quality' part of the question though...I guess if you are trying to measure data enrichment, if these are from Playbooks, you could measure frequency and say "5 playbook ran today that enriched the output", however was that "quality" info...maybe depending on what the playbook was doing?
cheers clive - not usually a "pie chart person" but some "managers" love the things.... will have a work through these playbooks and see how I get on ... tks again