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Hello All,


My organization is currently working to stand up Sentinel as well as creating our incident timeline reporting strategy. We are looking to automate as much as possible within Sentinel, which we are hoping can include some of our reporting. 


Has anyone found a way or know of potential ways in which a playbook/logic app will place the incident timeline into a report via Microsoft Word or other document creating platforms? We would like to select a specific incident which will then pull in the data of what the incident was, who worked on it, what was done and what comments were added. I know that this might be a long shot and not possible, wanted to reach out to the community. 


Thank you for any help that you can provide!

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The KQL needed would be something based on this

| summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated,*) by tostring(IncidentNumber)
| extend Alerts = extract("\\[(.*?)\\]", 1, tostring(AlertIds))
| mv-expand AlertIds to typeof(string)
| join 
    | extend AlertEntities = parse_json(Entities)
    | mv-expand AlertEntities
) on $left.AlertIds == $right.SystemAlertId
| summarize AlertCount=dcount(AlertIds), entityList=make_set(tostring(AlertEntities.Type)) by IncidentNumber, Status, Severity, Title,  Alerts, IncidentUrl, Owner=tostring(Owner.userPrincipalName) , Tactics =tostring(AdditionalData.tactics), tostring(Labels),tostring(Comments), tostring(Labels)
// set column order
| project IncidentNumber, Severity, Status, AlertCount,Owner, Title, Alerts, entityList, Tactics, IncidentUrl, Comments, Labels
| order by IncidentNumber desc

You'd probably insert a new line 2 to filter the Incident from the Playbook data. 

| where IncidentNumber =="12345"
| summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated,*) by tostring(IncidentNumber)

There are some pdf add-ins for Playbooks, which I've seen used to then take this output and email to the person. 

High Level idea

Recurrence trigger --> "Run Query and visualize results" --> use a convert to pdf option supported by Logic Apps - Send via email


This is great! Thank you for your help!