assigning sentinel incidents to users within managed tenant

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I am running MSSP service and I have onboarded clients via lighthouse, hence I do not have direct access to users within client entra id.


As part of my Incident Response service there are few incidents that i want to assign to client so that they could work on them. Unfortunately i cannot see any of their users when I look for assigning the incidents


Hence I want to know the possibility of assigning the incidents

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Hey @ankurnnd0503 


Have you tried to assign Helpdesk Administrator or any such identity role within your Azure Lighthouse permissions structure


This will give you the ability to assign incidents to users in there tenancy


See this link here as a reference

Have been able to resolve this issue by creating an automation rule
I am using Azure lighthouse and the article is for M365.
However I have been able to resolve the issue by creating an automation rule using Automation Rule