Are there tables in the Log Analytics workspace hidden from Azure Sentinel?

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I've noticed that I have some Application Insights tables in my Log Analytics workspace, like perofrmanceCounters and browserTimings, but I cannot see them in Azure Sentinel.   Is this by design or am I missing something?  Granted I can query them in the Monitor itself but would like to have just the one place for my queries.

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I wonder if they were renamed or consolidated at some point. I know for our instance, our performance counters show up under the Perf table in Sentinel.

@mperrotta I guess I was just a bit impatient. I am seeing a bunch of tables that start with "App" that seem to mimic what I see in Monitor.  I am seeing the table names but no data yet so it probably takes a while for it to show up.


I also configured my App Service to send data to Azure Sentinel as well.


I can see the tables, now I just need the data to show up. Very strange that it isn't.