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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Another playbook issue

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As of Sunday, the previous issue of the playbooks not running was mitigated and all had returned to normal functionality.


Today, a new issue arose. Alerts are triggering on all of the playbooks that are currently enabled. No errors found within the playbooks. All playbooks are assigned properly.


Anyone else experiencing this issue?



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I have now the opposite of the previous issue, that is thousands of playbook triggers for a handful of alerts. For one alert I may get 100 runs of the same playbook, in matter of seconds. Since I have email notifications as part of the playbook, my mailbox is being flooded with emails. 

@AdiGrio Yup. We have email notifications, Teams notifications, and others. All getting flooded. 


I'm going to disable my playbooks for the time being.

@AdiGrio Identical messages?

@Gary Bushey Yes, identical messages as it appeared that for each alert triggered, the associated playbook would be executed several times. I had over 1000 playbook runs for 20-30 alerts. Removing and reassigning the playbook seemed to fix the problem (though I realized that late), very similar with the situation several days ago, when no playbooks were executed for alerts but worked after removing and reassigning the playbook. My guess is that the two problems are related. The problem was fixed sometimes  yesterday.