AlienVault OTX TAXII Feed

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Hi everyone.

I am trying to integrate AlienVault's OTX TAXII feed as a data connector, and I keep getting "unexpected" errors. Has anyone had success with this or other TAXII feeds?


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@MikeShorts I successfully connected it using playbook, you can find it on github repo

@Pawel_Giza I'll check it out. Thank you!

@Pawel_Giza Good morning. Do you have a direct link for that please?
Thank you kindly.

@Kevin Lovegrove below are resources which i belive in Github repo for alientVault,


Azure-Sentinel/Playbooks/Get-AlienVault_OTX at master · Azure/Azure-Sentinel · GitHub


and a very good article about the same Ingesting Alien Vault OTX Threat Indicators into Azure Sentinel - Microsoft Tech Community


Hope it helps


Thank you kindly.

Has anyone gotten this to work in Gov cloud environments? Like GCC-high?