REG_MULTI_SZ are not imported properly

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Just wanted to check if I was doing something wrong, or if I hit a (hopefully known) bug :


When I export a LGPO backup (generated with LGPO.exe /b) as a PolicyRules file (using the GPO2PolicyRules.exe binary), multi-lines registry (REG_MULTI_SZ) values are exported with \0 delimiter, but are not imported back with line breaks.


A practical example: I do want to change the ECC curves preferred order on my systems, and I use the related GPEdit entry to change it. The setting is exported correctly in the PolicyRules file, but upon re-import (using LGPO.exe /p), the value is imported as a single-line string (see attached screnshots, I believe it does speak for itself :))


Is it a known behavior, and is there a workaround for it ? Thanks !

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It looks like this is going to be a bug. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
Hi Rick, do you have an ETA for a new release of the tool that would fix this bug ? Thank you!
No ETA at this time, sorry.