PolicyAnalyzer GUI discrepancy?

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My primary work laptop is running Win10 with Hyper-V.  I have a main "Win10-Work" instance that I use for work related activities (email, interacting with work resources, VPN, etc.) and I spin up other instances ad-hoc for testing/evaluating/lab.


I continue to perform some evaluation work of the SCT and recently, I've noticed a discrepancy between when I run a relatively recent version of the PolicyAnalyzer GUI tool between my work Win-10 instance vs a lab instances.  See the attached screenshot - when running the PolicyAnalyzer in my Win-10 instance, I see all the relevant content/fields of the PolicyAnalyzer GUI tool (the left running instance in the screenshot).


In the right running instance in the screenshot (which is a vanilla Windows 2016 standard instance, patched with the latest OS updates), the bottom of the PolicyAnalyzer tool seems to be "cut off" - I can't see the line options for "Policy Rule sets in" nor "Policy Definitions in".


Does anyone have any insight as to why those options aren't showing up?





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@Mughal1 I was able to repro, please trying placing the VM in Full Screen mode and then launch PA.  That seemed to resolve the issue.