New Edge security baselines not being added to Intune

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Anyone know why the Edge security baselines in Intune are not being updated?  The latest version there is for Edge v85 from September 2020.

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Hi Joe! We have not updated the Intune Edge baseline since Sept 2020 version since we have not heard of any changes that need to be made to the baseline with the current list of settings/recommendations given the updates to Edge. It should still apply to the latest Edge versions.

Hope that answers your question.

@LauraArrizza Thanks.  I'm a bit confused though, as this article - Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v96 - Microsoft Tech Community - states there is a new baseline for Edge v96, and there have been multiple new baselines for Edge since September 2020.

Right, there may not be updates to the settings that are supported through Intune though. If you notice any that are available via Intune we can take a look!