Misleading instructions in Baseline-LocalInstall

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Requirements in Baseline-LocalInstall.ps1 say that:



* PowerShell execution policy must be configured to allow script execution; for example,
  with a command such as the following:
  Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned


However, it's not signed, so it is not possible to run it with such ExecutionPolicy. 

It is possible to run it with `Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process Unrestricted`, but I was wondering if I downloaded it from the wrong place, and there is signed file somwhere.

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@ilmarsl - it's not misleading. The "RemoteSigned" execution policy means that scripts from remote systems must be signed by a trusted publisher. You should download the zip file locally, and remember to unblock the downloaded zip file before expanding its contents. If you don't unblock it, the script file will retain a "mark of the web" and be treated as a remote file.

Just tried it, and you are correct. After unblocking the zip file it works as described. Thank you.

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