Microsoft Edge v100 InTune Policy's

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Hi All, 

Really pleased to finally see the setting "Hide restore pages dialog after browser crash" included in the new v100 release.  However, The setting isn't available in InTune Endpoint Device Manager policy's (Settings Catalogue).

Do you know when to expect the updated settings options would be available in the InTune policies as a general rule of thumb?  I.e. new policies are available after a few weeks after version release?

Many thanks all.


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@MarkRobinson157 thank you for the feedback.  I have made our team aware of this question and they should be responding in the next few days.

best response confirmed by Rick_Munck (Microsoft)

@Rick_Munck @MarkRobinson157  We will be making the setting available in the settings catalog with the 2204 end of April release.

Brilliant. Thanks for the info @Rick_Munck & @LauraArrizza