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Hi all,


We set the following policy:

Microsoft Edge\Extensions\Control which extensions cannot be installed - Enabled - *

This to block all extensions which we do not whitelist.


Next to that we set the following setting:

Microsoft Edge\Extensions\Allow specific extensions to be installed - enabled - {GUID}

To whitelist all the guids we want to whitelist. This also includes guids from the Google Chrome webstore. 

This works perfectly.


Now, what I didn't find, is a policy to control the following settings:

Annotation 2020-02-11 083435.png


It would be nice to have control over those toggles.

Procmon didn't deliver any results, so I guess this is save somewhere in a config file now.


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@Matthias Vandenberghe Hi Matthias. These two toggle are primarly for the end users:


a) Developer mode is only required if someone is developing an extension and wants to test it by sideloading the extension. We do not recommend, enabling/disabling this by policy, as it is a very sparse use case any way. Moreover, developers understand this as a similar option has been available in Google Chrome for a while. (Also note that if you set the policy "Control which extensions cannot be installed - Enabled to "*", it is implied that even developers cannot side load any extensions)


b) Allow extensions from other stores: is a setting for users to turn on, in case they want to install extensions from other stores such as Chrome Web Store. However since a large number of developers have already published their extensions to Microsoft Edge addons website (and more on the way), we expect that most users will not need it. Also, in case the toggle is turned off, and users go to install an extension from Chrome Web Store they see a prominent message asking them to turn this on: 


Chrome store banner.png



Do you still think there is a need for a policy for "Allow extensions from other stores"? Are there users who are complaining that this workflow is an issue? Would be great to know exact user feedback so that we can fix the core issue as well.



Hi @ashishpoddar ,


Thanks for the reply.

I know those are for the end-user, but as a system administrator it would be nice to have control over those toggles.

This to have a predictable outcome.

For example, we do not want developers to side load their own extensions in the browser.


So yes, it would be nice to have a GPO for managing this.

@Matthias Vandenberghe I forgot to mention in my note (edited now) that, when you enable policy Control which extensions cannot be installed (ExtensionInstallBlockList ) and set it to "*", even developers cannot install extensions.


So having a policy to control toggle "Developer mode" will conflict with that policy.  



Just chiming in here to cross-link the other thread over at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/edge-policy-req-allow-extensions-from-other-store... where practically the same discussion is going on. I've posted there some arguments for why we need GPOs for those switches.

"Allow extensions from other stores" automatically shows up, users can simply select it. that is if they want to install extensions/Addons from other sources.
of course Microsoft's extension store is quickly getting populated. more than 1000 items and growing