Security & Compliance weekly review email?

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Hi, what is this Security & Compliance weekly review email? I've searched my mailbox and this is the first time I've received it. I don't see anything on the roadmap about it, nor any options in the S&C Center to turn it on. I assume it's new. Is there an announcement somewhere?


Who in the tenant will receive it? Global admins? Security admins? Security readers?


PS - There's no indication in the email which tenant it has been sent from, so it isn't particularly actionable.






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Havent seen one of these yet. Perhaps ping the folks over at the UPP Yammer network?

I have no reports configured and scheduled.

Hi Paul,


The report is part of a preview program that some tenants are a part of.  There is a yammer group for people that are part of the program.  A post was made to the group and there was a recent webcast that discussed the feature.

I can't find any details in the Yammer group, but okay, at least that explains it.