Multiple Subscriptions in azure security center

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Hi @all

I have multiple subscription in Azure like (Dev, Production, Hub) my architecture is Hub & Spoke can I centralized manger single security Center across all my subscriptions or I want to enable security center separately in all the subscription that i have and monitor it separately.



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Hi @AbdulRahimAmjad

Azure Security Center basic tier is enabled by default for all your subscriptions. 

Azure Defender (formerly Azure Security Center Standard) can be enabled separately for each subscription and service or for all in one step. 


You can view the security recommendations from the Security Center for all your subscription in a central view and can also scope and filter per subscription.




@Gregor Reimling 

Thank you so much for replying what about Azure Sentinel in Hub Subscription is this also enables on each Subscription and view it on single windows or We can deploy Azure Sentinel centrally in hub subscription and mange all subscriptions from it.