First published on CloudBlogs on Jun 08, 2016
If you’re like me, you’ve watched with great interest as the “Internet of Things” has grown from an incredible idea to an even more impressive solution that is already widely in use all over the world . The growing use and rapidly accelerating computing power of cyber-physical systems is a topic that will eventually (and, likely, sooner rather than later) effect every IT team in the world.  It’s an area worth building up some basic expertise. This topic – and Microsoft’s huge commitment to it – is dead serious, but, earlier today the Microsoft IoT team published a really funny video (informally titled "The Corrector" ) that shows three different examples of how IoT technology is already in use right now , as well as how it effects the way companies operate and end-users behave.     You can learn more about everything you just saw at . Also:  If you’re like me and, as an engineer, you’re immediately curious about how all of this was built and what it looks like on the IT side of the console, check out this really interesting “behind the scenes” video showing how everything you saw in the video really works.