First published on CloudBlogs on Aug, 05 2014
Happy Tuesday everyone Today's post is about the wonderful work of a sister team: It's a shout-out for the beta release of a fantastic new Azure AD Sync tool. As background, some of you have shared concerns about the need to setup a deep 'DirSync' relationship with Azure AD 'just' to use Azure RMS. This is to say that your organization was maybe not ready for Office 365 use but you wanted to explore using Azure RMS. As you dug in you had concerns of the amount of data we required. Way, way back (~6mths ago) the directory sync had no concept of 'service profiles' and so it would perform the same type of sync for all services -- a one-size-fits-all offer. This meant that well over one hundred properties had to be sync'd from your on premises AD to your Azure AD tenant just for Azure RMS to work. Some of you remained reluctant for both privacy and regulatory restrictions. Tim Davis, our service leader, took your feedback to heart and worked along side our AD Sync team. Well, just this week they made magic happen! The latest beta of the Azure AD Sync tool now requires <drum roll> only the essential 11 (or so) properties! How wonderful is that! You can read more about this tool on the AD team’s blog . The Azure AD Sync tool component will release to general availability in a few weeks. Please share your feedback with Tim and I via AskIPTeam<at> or the comment box below. Here are a few screen shots:

This one shows how to enable the optional 'attribute filtering':

This one shows the Azure RMS specific profile:

And this one shows you the list of the properties... we have nothing to hide!

Cheers, Dan (@TheRMSGuy)