The Future of Delve

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Having noticed conversations popping up here and on Twitter about the future of Delve in Office 365 I’d like to put out a question to the Microsoft guys and girls on here about the future roadmap. The lack of updates around Boards and Blogs is evident. We’re happy to recognise the advances of Microsoft Graph across the Office 365 suite but clarity on Delve would be welcome. Thoughts @Mark Kashman @Dan Holme @Naomi Moneypenny? Happy to hear from other Microsoft stakeholders.
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Well for those asking about Delve Blogs, the answer is here > 

@Vlad Catrinescu  thanks for posting. I hope microsoft does something else to promote personal publishing in a company environment.


I think their "answer" is to use Communications Sites, but they feel much more like corporate communications being pushed to employees rather than an employee writing their personal thoughts.


Maybe the new version of Yammer we will encourage personal blogs in a Yammer group.

@Rob O'Keefe Very telling in this thread, in two years of conversations, only one person from Microsoft on one occasion posted a response, but did not answer the question. In two years. I'd love to learn more. Where is the roadmap for Delve? It would be nice just to add a "cell phone" field to a Delve profile. You know, cell phones, a few of us are using them.... :)

@Prescient_Digital  I don't know if you saw the post a couple above, Microsoft announced they are getting rid of Delve!


Not sure the future of profiles. A long standing weak spot of O365, hopefully they show it some love!

Do we have a future for Delve? How about new "intelligent" People Profile Cards for Project Cortex?