Search vertical for Servicenow connector not returning any results

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I've setup and configured the connector for Servicenow. I've also created the vertical and result type. I can see more than 800 articles has been indexed, but on the result page nothing is returned.


The following error keep being thrown "Something went wrong! Please try searching again or refresh the page.".

Any suggestions or ideas much appreciated...!

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@Hans Nicolaisen did you get to solve this issue?. I am experiencing exactly the same!

Sorry., that you are facing the issue. Could you please share your tenantid so that we can look at the same.

@Hans Nicolaisen Apologies that you are facing this issue.


Can you verify if the result type is created against the correct Connection instance? If you had recreated the connection after creating the result type, though you had used the same connectionId, the result type mapping would be improper. 


Could you try deleting the current result type and re-creating a new result type against the connection instance you want to map it to?



@CG-1717 @Hans Nicolaisen One more reason the search results may not show up is if the connection instance to which the vertical is mapped is not proper. Ensuring the vertical and result type map to the correct connection instance would help resolving the issue. 


@Hans Nicolaisen I ended up creating a ticket with Microsoft Support who acknowledged the issue and fixed it from their backend. I do not know the exact cause/resolution they did, but the connection is now indexing as expected.


Thanks for all the contributions...