New Delve profile - Assistant as delegate for profile information

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In the old SharePoint profile, if you would fill in an assistant, they would have delegate access to the profile and because of that the assistant would be able to edit your profile as well.


If I try to do this in the new Delve profile, I get very strange results and it does not work as expected.


Is this functionality still supported in the new Delve profile?

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Hi Joost, did you ever receive any feedback on your question?

Today we notice that the new Delve profile doesn't even show anymore who the assistant is.

Besides the fact that the delegation option is no longer working, it seems not to be possible to find out who the assistants are o/t c-suite.

My Q: were can we find/search for information on who's assigned as assistant?

The assistant often has a different direct reporting line and is not always reporting to the person that assigned him/her as PA. (fyi @Helen Stanley)

No responses at all unfortunately. It seems this feature has just disappeared when Delve profile was introduced.

Although sad news, tx for responding.