Incomplete Search Results in Delve


We are consistantly seeing a less than complete set of search results within Delve. I had a further instance today with a search which produced 3 results via SharePoint search brought back only 1 result via Delve. This is a common experience gathered over a number of months.


What are other people's experience of Delve Search? Is this a common experience? Is there a method of reindexing content held within SharePoint?


Just to add context on this specific issue. We have three videos within Office 365 video. 1 is shown through a Delve Search and three correctly show when using SharePoint Search. I have ran off some reports and running through some other tests. This confirms further inconsistancies and missing search results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately I believe there is not yet full parity between search results in SPO search and what you see in Delve

Thanks for your help with this. At least we now know the limitations and we can work around them.