Differences between eur.delve.office.com and delve.office.com

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we have some crazy issues using the new https://eur.delve.office.com. We have users with exchange online mailboxes and users without mailboxes in the cloud. Users without mailbox have no popular documents displayed on https://eur.delve.office.com, but manually surfing to https://delve.office.com shows all popular documents for the same user. User with exchange online doesn't have this issue.


Does anybody have the same issue? We have this issue since 2 weeks. Does anybody know which feature Microsoft introduced two weeks ago?


Best regards, Sebastian

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Noticed the same issue do not know what it is.

there is another thread already going on about the new Delve entry point: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Delve/Delve-is-now-showing-under-eur-delve-office-com/m-p/410...


Could someone enlighten me how you navigate to the new URL *.delve.office.com ?

Does your Delve Tile point to this URL?

My Delve Tile still points to https://<tenantname>-my.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/me.aspx/


Currently I have 3 different Delve experiences:

  • Delve Tile: barely anyt content is updating. I always though nothing is going since most of our documents are in private groups (which are still not supported by Delve!)
  • https://delve.office.com : same conent as above, only language is english instead of configured locale, SharePoint pages show up as ASPX instead of SharePoint Page, app@sharepoint bug seems to be fixed
  • https://eur.delve.office.com/ : so much stuff showing that the other 2 entry points do not show, like real actual content, even email attachments show up (never had that). On a 24" (FHD) screen, the first 4 columns (total 6 columns on FHD) are exclusively popular items, the last 2 columns are outlook attachments only. I have to scroll down 6 rows to see any documents by other peers or colleagues.


My https://eur.delve.office.com/ displays in German & has done for over a week, everything else is in English as it should be