Delve Praise is cancelled

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Just noticed that Delve Praise is now cancelled according to the Office 365 Roadmap. A pity, because, compliance issues understood, this has real potential within the People profile. Are there other plans in the works to surface this functionality within Office 365? :crying_face:
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Yeap, I noticed this too some days ago.
Hi John, sad to here this. Delve Praise was really looking good and it would certainly help to engage the community on O365. Can you share a link of the article where you found that information. I searched the O365 Roadmap for Delve Praise, but 0 results. Tx.
Hi Eric, It is listed under cancelled and formally announced by the Product Manager here: Regards
What was the issue that some tenants were having with it? It seemed awfully similar to Yammer Praise, so I'm assuming those tenants don't use Yammer either for the same reason?