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Ernst Decsey
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We have a customized version of SharePoint profiles along with the OOTB Delve profiles. Doing a comparison, this is what we don't find in the Delve profiles:


1. Skype for Business - possibility to initiate a call (you can initiate a chat but not a call).
2. Section - this is a customized field that displays the section we work in, not available in Delve.

3. Yammer - our cusomtized SP profiles include links to people's Yammer profiles and the list of groups they belong to.
4. Presence indicator - strangely not presence indicator enabled in Delve.


My question: Is it possible to add custom fields in Delve profiles? and if not, is it on the roadmap?

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What you can do is add custom properties in SPO User Profiles and yes, you will be able to have them in Delve:

When adding there custom properties how does one get these to be usable in search.
such has get the new property crawled, index and then findable by search.
Search seem to ignore any new properties.



The question is very relevant. It is important and better to add custom properties into Delve for our users to search on People. Is there a way these custom properties can also be enabled in the search? A quick response is much appreciated.

Here you go:
- Custom profile properties to be used in people search:
- In regards of custom properties in Delve Profile, it seems they are not supported any more:
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