Is Microsoft Search in Bing right for your organization?

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Have you heard of a needle in the haystack? When searching the web, today's powerful search engines make it easy to find the metaphorical 'needle' of information hidden in the digital haystack. Now imagine finding similar information inside your enterprise in a way that’s as easy as searching the web.

Is it difficult to find contact and org chart information for people in your organization? Do team members miss posts or discussions on Yammer or Microsoft Teams? Is finding internal tools or files saved on SharePoint time consuming? Is it hard to find all of this information available with a single search, even your mobile device?


If any of these questions describe your organization, then you should evaluate Microsoft Search in Bing for your organization. We think it could be right for you.

Now with the flip of a switch, you can make all of this information more easily searchable by everyone in your organization, from any platform or device, with Microsoft Search and Microsoft Search in Bing public preview. Or give it a try with a small group of users to see how it works and how it can save everyone in your organization time and effort. Microsoft Search was announced at Ignite 2018 and you can find more information in this blog post

Visit to learn more about how Microsoft Search can help your organization and enroll your company, school, or non-profit today.


And check back later for our second post in this ongoing series about Microsoft Search, where we'll discuss strategies to enhance it for your organization.

Happy searching!


Please let us know if there are other topics that you would like to discuss in future Microsoft Search in Bing posts or webinars! Reply to this blog post and share your ideas!


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