Extending the Locations feature in Microsoft Search in Bing

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In November, we announced the Locations feature in Microsoft Search in Bing. We're working on extending this to individual offices, meeting rooms, and floor plans, but we need your input! To help us understand how your organization stores and formats this information, we created a short survey. It should only take 5 minutes to complete and your responses are kept confidential.


Take the survey:


How these features will work
Ever have trouble finding where a colleague sits or where a meeting room is located? Maybe you're in an unfamiliar office, the signage is outdated after a recent office move, or a room or office is just hard to locate. Microsoft Search in Bing is here to help! Just go to bing.com/business and search for a co-worker's office or a meeting room. For example:

  1. Where does Anahita sit?
  2. Where is meeting room 18/8182?


Search in Bing Location.png


A floor plan or diagram showing the arrangement of rooms for a floor also appears, with a pin placed on the location you searched for:


Search in Bing Location 2.png


We need your input
To ensure these features work with the data your organization already has, we need some information from you. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. Please ensure you are authorized to provide this information and not violating any company policies. Your responses will be kept confidential with restricted access. For more information, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement. If you have questions about this survey, please contact MSBFloorPlans@service.microsoft.com.



Respected Contributor

I have customers with offices in many different companies, entering the locations for these buildings is not working very well.

Respected Contributor

The Branching of questions in this survey form is not working correctly,  I answered No to some questions and still had to answer other questions that were not applicable

Occasional Contributor
For create these floor plans use MS Visio or some tool ?

Can Microsoft offer this feature but restricted to internal access only? I.e. employees could use it to find each other (through Outlook or Delve etc) but we cannot publish floor plans to the internet on Bing for security reasons. Where will the floor plans data will stored (on our O365 tenant?) 

Occasional Visitor

Does the office floor plan feature only available through bing search or can it be available on the user office profile card too?

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