Microsoft Power Pages - Matchmaking

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for joining the Microsoft Power Pages Bootcamp!

To help learners find other learners that are at the same skill level, geographic area, and even previous experience, I have created this thread. Feel free to post and contact others that you would like to learn Power Pages with.

I will start with my own

  • Name: Bruno Capuano
  • Power Platform Experience: Intermediate
  • Twitter: @elbruno
  • LinkedIn: /elbruno
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  • Name: Jim Duncan
  • Power Platform Experience: Getting there
  • Geographic Area: San Jose, CA
Name: Aldo Garcia
Power Platform Experience: Intermediate
Geographic Area: Miami, FL
LinkedIn: /aldo-garcia-b0b53429
Name: Jeremy Nathan
Power Platform Experience: Intermediate
Geographic Area: Chattanooga, TN

Name: Mihai Olaru
Power Platform Experience: Beginner (created an MVP in a couple of days to apply to "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!", but I found out I could not as I had already had a startup accepted :sad:)

Geographic Area: United States

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