London Reactor Founders Breakfast Club - April 2024


Hey Everyone!


Thanks for joining our first Founders Breakfast Club, dedicated to Microsoft for Startup members! We hope you enjoyed the event and found it useful networking amongst like minded individuals.


This is a new event we are running and we want YOUR help to shape it! Let us know what you think using this form -


Below you can find the resources shared throughout the event and the contact information of the speakers.


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Speaker contacts:

Microsoft for Startups

Anne-Claire Lo Bianco


Microsoft Reactor

Rav Khokhar - Program Manager 


HSBC Innovation Banking

Kofi Siaw


Expert Network

Liam Hampton - Senior Cloud Advocate & Software Engineer

Chris Noring - Senior Cloud Advocate & Software Engineer

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Hi Liam,

Thank you very much for the event. It was great to meet fellow founders and learn more about all the support that Microsoft can provide to founders.

Quick question, I sent invites/messages to you and Anne-Claire, how long is normal to wait for a response?