Various utilities tools and scripts to setup and get started with Azure Purview in less than an hour


All the tools listed below either are derived from Purview API Reference Complete Specs. Here iSome new tutorials and quick starts are being authored to assist in automating your Purview deployment on Azure. Please keep an eye on the API Reference page. 

  1. Purview-API-via-Powershell : This utility is derived from Purview API Reference Complete Specs and covers all the APIs consolidated at one place. It helps you automate Purview deployment via APIs through a breezy fast and easy to use Powershell interface. 

  2. Purview-Starter-Kit : Powershell script to perform initial set-up of Purview account. Very base level script, doesn't hydrate the account with to many assets, but very good to set up Purview in less than 5 minutes!

  3. Purview Lab : A hands-on-lab introducing the myriad features of Purview and helping you learn the concepts in a practical and hands-on approach where you execute each step on your own by hand to develop the best possible understanding of Purview.

  4. Purview CLI : Another technique of using the Purview APIs similar to Purview-API-via-Powershell , only difference being this tool is Python based, whereas the former is Powershell based.

  5. Purview Demo : A lightning fast tool to automatically deploy Purview in a super fast and secure way at the click of a button. It just asks for your corporate email address - as simple as that ! Click a button, wait 10 minutes and boom - your Purview environment is up and running, ready to use via Azure portal, Purview Studio or any of the Purview APIs.

  6. PyApacheAtlas: Support for Azure Purview and Apache Atlas : A python package to work with the Azure Purview and Apache Atlas API. Supporting bulk loading, custom lineage, and more from a Pythonic set of classes and Excel templates. The package supports programmatic interaction and an Excel template for low-code uploads.
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