Updates to Assets Prevent Future Scan Updates

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We've been working with Purview slowly over the last few days. Today I was able to scan some heavily used on-prem SQL server databases. Once the scan was complete I went into the assets, located the first asset I wanted to classify, and started to add a description.


The minute I clicked Edit on the asset a warning appeared stating "Making a manual update to the asset will prevent future scans on this asset from updating it." As a software developer, I understand why this might be necessary, however as a member of the data governance team it concerns me. I need the ability to add classifications/glossary terms/contacts/descriptions to newly discovered assets, but I'd also like scanning to update the schema as the asset changes based on information found in scans.


Is the functionality to edit an asset manually and receive updates from scans something that is on the roadmap? Will it be available in GA?

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@a_kanczuzewski Yes, this is something we are actively working on enhancing and supporting. We are looking to make granular asset update behavior updates in the first quarter of next year.

Hi @VishalAnil , please can you provide an update on when you expect this functionality to be available - we have the same concern.

Hi @VishalAnil - love to get an update on this or if you can point me to a current roadmap for Purview that would be great as well.

@a_kanczuzewski @VishalAnil Also interested for any updates on this. Do we have any news as per the above? 

I too am interested in when this will be resolved. I would assume I could associate glossry entries without locking the asset donw from future scans.

Completely agree with the initial posts and follow up replies. I'm hoping this is still in the pipeline and will be released shortly.


I see that the plan was to release this in the first quarter of this year. @VishalAnil do you have any updates for us?


At the moment we're looking at implementing it for one of our clients and it is literally a showstopper for us as client will loose automatical update of the schema as soon as they will add even a column comment.

@a_kanczuzewski and all in this topic - quick update on this, I've received the message from the yesterday's event Q&A session that this is currently in the final stages of design/rollout so we should be expecting this being introduced very soon.

The edit/delete collection is coming soon as well.
At least let us edit the asset description without the fear of disabling automatic updates.