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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Sensitivity Labels with Teams Sites and SPO Sites

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I've gone through the docs and busy working through posts here as well, but I wanted to check my understanding as far as labeling Teams and SPO is concerned, please.


What I want to achieve:

1. Apply a label to an SPO  site and have content inherit the label.
My understanding is that this is not the case, and the only way to achieve this is through automatic labeling of the docs itself.

2. Prevent content with a higher sensitivity label to be moved into a SPO/Teams site with a lower sensitivity, e.g. Confidential to Public.

From what I can see, there is nothing preventing me from moving these files into the relevant locations. Access to the files really only comes down to the rights associated with it.


3. Block anyone from adding any external guests to a SPO or Teams site that's been labeled as restricted?

If there's a resource somewhere that discussed this at length somewhere I'd really appreciate that.

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